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“Enjoy Making Artisan Beer and Nitro Coffee at Home”

iKegger Introduction video

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Take It Wherever You GO!

It allows you to prepare your coffee and cocktails as you wish with its 2-liter insulated steel growler package, which perfectly protects your hot and cold drinks. The versatile ikegger 2L thermos offers an ideal option for Nitro coffee fans. It allows you to carry your drink with you at all times. It keeps your delicious drinks hot or ice cold and is designed for you to take with you wherever you want.


In your bar or coffee shop! Experience Nitro Cocktails, Tea and more and offer them to your customers.

BREWING 101, Learn How It’s Made!

iKegger Keg 2.0 COMPACT 5 LT Stainless STEEL CHAMBER and Body

Prepare and serve both Co2 and Nitro based drinks in a single set with the new type tap system. You can use the plug-in faucet by turning it 360 degrees in any direction you want, on a horizontal or vertical refrigerator, as you wish. Use Nitro and Carbon Dioxide cylinders easily with the renewed mini regulator. Create more or less flow using the sensitivity of your finger instead of tap levers. Check it out for more information.

iKegger Keg Mini Size USB TAPPEr

If you only want to serve your drink, you can use the USB-C tap to serve it for a long time on a single charge.


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